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April 2015  

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[sticky post] About myself... ~`(^_^)`~"'  
09:06pm 19/02/2013
Astral Romance
This LJ represents a face of many faces i have online ^_^
We all have so many sides of ourselves and so do i.
This LJ should represent a cute side of my personality. ~^.^~`
My two biggest likes are Japanese culture
and lolita fashion. Lolita and cute stuff is probably
the most childish thing about myself, but i am proud to be the way i am!
I am into Japanese culture since 2006, i like lolita for several years, but
i can not say i am a real loli ~ToT~

Feel free to add me as a friend! I would like to find friends
who have the same interests as me ^_^ <333 I hope to meet some
lolitas here. The real ones or just girls (or boys) who like lolita fashion ^_^

tags: egl, lolita
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(no subject)  
09:12pm 13/04/2015
Astral Romance
I got music from some Lolita .... harpsichord and cupcake overloaded...
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My recent Poupees :3  
12:18am 02/04/2015
Astral Romance
As you may know, two days ago, on the 31st or March, PoupeeGirl has closed. I have been playing this game for around four or five years so it was really difficult to let it go... However, my Poupee which i invested a lot of time and money got secretly saved last second...
so i really wanna share new coordinates with you and from now on i will post more often about them on livejournal.

Anyway, i feel that my personal life has been kind of changing. First of all, now i can have many Asian friends not only in my dreams but also in reality. Since i became a mentor i can meet many Korean and Japanese people and hang out with them. Maybe that is the reason why i am not so active online? Also, i am trying to start a small bussiness in clothing reselling (it is not Lolita though, cause i have no opportunity to get these clothes for cheaper and make a profit). I mainly plan working with accessories for men and maybe cosmetics. I am just starting so i hope everybody wishes me good luck :3

And here comes my pretty PoupeeGirl!

mood: amusedamused
music: EXO - Overdose
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(no subject)  
01:08am 15/08/2013
Astral Romance
ribbon only!
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Poupee girl: going on hiatus soon?  
06:25pm 03/08/2013
Astral Romance
Hello, girls..

Since Poupee Girl probably goes on hiatus soon.
I have decided i should post some coordinates on livejournal~

spring coordinate
Nice Sakura inspired spring coordinate.
I think the OP really fits with the background nicely ^_^
Magician style
Magician style!
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My full Madousho list is for sale now!  
04:44pm 16/05/2013
Astral Romance
Hi ^_^

i am selling these three nice magazines on ebay!

As you all know, Madousho magazine is very rare and almost impossible to get ^_^

But now you can win it on ebay for a really low price!

Visit my shop:

Madousho #44:

Madousho #45:

Madousho #46:
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!EA Madousho FC Magazine! from 2007  
12:26am 16/05/2013
Astral Romance
Maybe some of you guys will be interested!
I am selling 2007 Feb. + Mar. Madousho.
Madousho is a rare magazine only Mon Amour fanclub members got.
Now Mon Amour don't make paper magazines any longer, so this one is almost impossible
to get anywhere!
It means that if you are a fan, you have the unique chance to get it!
And this Madousho is double, 24 pages in total.
You can find info about DIXANADU CD recording in it.
Language is Japanese, but it has many nice pictures ^_^''
A previous owner splited Madousho into two, so the pages are not joined, but separate.
It has all the pages though! And i joined them with a small ribbon.
You can see in a picture, how it was splited. It is a picture from the inside of Madousho ^_^''
Because of that... starting price is only 0.99!
Good luck ^_^''
music: U-KISS "Stop Girl"
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[SKIN FOOD] Egg White Pore Foam review.  
01:33am 15/05/2013
Astral Romance

So, today i got a parcel with various Korean cosmetics inside!

I've been using korean cosmetics for a while right now, and i think they are usually in a quite good quality!

Probably the most awesome product i have ever tried from Korean cosmetics is this Egg White Pore Foam by SKIN FOOD.

Price is not very high, around 10-13 dollars.
It has a very soft smell, but i still haven't figured out if i like it or not!
It has a white texture and is really foamy ^_^
But the best thing is that it REALLY cleans skin.
After the first use you will feel how your face skin has changed ^_^''.
It gives a feeling the skin really became clean ^_^''

Overall i give 5/5 to it. ~~~
music: Shinee - Beautiful
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Malice Mizer poster on EBAY! Only 0.99 before shipping!  
12:06am 12/05/2013
Astral Romance

I want to make some money and give my old items new amazing home!
So, here is Malice Mizer poster from 2004 ^_^


If you are a fan, this poster is a must for you, cause it is really pretty
So, if you don't have it yet, you have a good chance to get it for cheap!
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My wishlist ^_^  
11:50pm 11/05/2013
Astral Romance

i have decided to make my Lolita dream-items list!


First and the one i want to get the most is Moi meme Moitie Iron Gate skirt! (short version). I actually prefer black/white.

My no.2 at wishlist are these pretty JSKs and OPs by AP! Sugary Carnival JSK in black ^_^ AP Milky Planet

Toy Fantasy JSK/OP ^_^ AP Melty Chocolate ^_^

Chess Chocolate skirt in any color.

AP Melty Chocolate bangle in mint/pink;

music: U-KISS - Tick Tock
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